• Benchmark tours: Each consortium member organization can visit other member organizations to view best practices and benchmark their current organization practices. The typical format consists of an introduction by the host, a tour of the facility, and then a report out where the host receives feedback. The meeting host’s team usually selects an area for special attention and expects the visitors to take a critical view to identify successes and opportunities for improvement. Each member organization is highly encouraged to participate in a tour.

  • Workshops: Workshops are structured as hands-on learning events and can cover any topic the member's desire. When conducted by the consortium facilitator or another member of the consortium, these are done for no or minimal cost to members.

  • Quarterly board meetings: These meetings chart the group’s strategy and action plans and are usually held every three months.

  • Weekly newsletter: The weekly newsletter or AME San Diego Consortium Monday messenger provides your guide to up and coming events, SIG group meetings, and a tailored list of learning materials comprised of current articles and videos curated by the consortium facilitator.

  • Lean training: The AME San Diego Consortium will coordinate lean training that follows the body of knowledge supported by AME, the Shingo Institute, and SME.

  • Special Interest Groups (SIG): These events can exist on almost any topic like employee engagement, 5S, leader standard work, supply chain management, sales and operating planning practices, and mixed-model production optimization.

  • Lean Sensei assessments: Consortium facilitator administers a lean assessment survey to assess your progress on your journey to enterprise excellence.

  • Special discounts on AME events.

Our highest value membership, AME Consortia membership includes access to all AME member benefits, including discounts to conferences and regional events, publications and more.