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If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Lenny Perry, AME San Diego Consortium facilitator, at or 619-675-4444.


26Feb @ 1:00pm to 2:00pm: Virtual

Developing Daily Problem Solving Capability with an Engaged Workforce

Enlarging your problem-solving footprint involves floor-level personnel in daily improvements as you strive to achieve a TPS-Lean culture. The problematic management paradigm that must be shifted is that people have been systematically and consciously removed from problem-solving activities. Much of the literature on lean manufacturing has lost sight of the basis of the Toyota Production System: cost reduction through the elimination of waste. You must make two significant paradigm shifts and a litany of lesser ones to achieve this objective. First, you need to create a kaizen mindset to eliminate the fear and negativity surrounding problems. Second, as a matter of policy, you must incorporate improvement activity into the duties of all workers, including the senior management and the value-added worker. (AME@SD Members: FREE compliments of AME) 

28Feb @ 8:00am to 9:00am: Virtual

Accelerating Process Improvement with AI

The explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting our lives. Like the internet boom, this latest disruption feels like changes are happening overnight, with millions of ongoing experiments exploring AI's capabilities.

Join us for a "fireside chat" webinar hosted by Bill Hathaway and Emmanuel Aouad as they discuss the impact of Generative AI on process improvement. Bill and Emmanuel will share insights on how AI is introducing a novel approach to leveraging tools in our process improvement toolkit, with a special focus on Large Language Models (LLMs). The discussion will explore various AI-related topics, from enhancing

12Mar @ 7:30 am to 13Mar @ 4:30 pm: In-Person

The AME Western Region presents a follow-up to our sold-out 2023 tours in San Diego. Join us for two days in Riverside, CA for three engaging hands-on tours featuring sites that will demonstrate how they effectively deploy and sustain lean practices. Additionally, we will conduct a workshop focused on the human aspect of the lean equation: Respect for People. (AME@SD Members: $495.00) 

6, 13, 20, and 27March: Virtual

Registration is now open for the virtual AME Back to Basics Lean Summit.

Refresh your knowledge or lay the foundation for your lean journey at the virtual AME Back to Basics Lean Summit. Thought leaders and practitioners will share expert knowledge on the fundamental lean tools and concepts that you need to know. Participate in presentations and tours designed to help you with the essential building blocks for a lean transformation. The virtual AME Back to Basics Lean Summit is $150. (AME@SD Members: FREE)